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Revolutionising how we do business.

For Women-owned and led businesses and Male-led investment firms, Global Collective marries the core strengths of both genders to support the business journey from IDEA to EXIT, unlocking greater return on investment and long-term performance.


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What's the opportunity?

Investors, what if you could repeatedly earn more money on your investments by...

Picking better investment deals
Helping your current investments perform better
Creating a culture of performance & flow

How's that possible?

First, let's talk about what's standing in the way for Male-led VCs...

- they're content with status quo yet want the unicorn.
Limiting belief
- there are no new ideas.
Fear of unknown
- unwillingness to explore outside of  comfort zone.


Where's the opportunity?

There is an investment & impact awareness gap with businesses founded and/or led by Women.


YoY growth in new Women-owned business

2021: 645K+ (US & UK)  


Of funds raised are invested in Women-owned businesses


Of Female founders out-perform on average all Male-led founded teams

Sources: ONS Labour Market Statistics, September 2014, GROWE Report, Women’s Enterprise Task Force 2009,

When you invest in Women, you repeatedly earn more money on your investment.

The Global Collective closes the gap.
We bring together Male-led investment firms and Women-led businesses.

Why does this matter?

Investing in Women-led business helps Male-led investment firms with...

Creating a high-performing culture with less burnout
Helping current investments  gender diversify
Earning more money on your investments

Imagine being a champion to a global opportunity and create a new business structure that leverages the best of what Women and Men do well in business.

What are the facts?

Top quartile gender-diverse companies are 25% > to outperform than bottom-quartile companies

Women more likely to bring unfamiliar product / service to market, have < competitors & use technology

Women support the emotional needs of employees that equals increased retention & 

reduced burnout

Women understand product market fit. 70-90% of all consumer  buying decisions globally are made by Women

A £ invested in developing a Women-owned business > ROI than a £ invested developing Male-owned business

Female-founded teams are more likely to exit & have a higher IRR — 112% versus 48% with Male-founded & led teams

Sources: Martin Wyn Griffith, Speaking at the National Dialogue for Entrepreneurship, March 2005., McKinsey, ibid British Chambers of Commerce 2004, Forbes Jan 2022, British Business Bank UK VC Female Founders Report, Harvard Business Review, The Female Economy 2009.

Why else should you care?

We believe in mental wellness and illness.

Work related stress is on the rise, 37% year over year.

Everyone has varying levels of mental health.

1 in 4 suffer from mental illness.


Mental illness increases by 50% in Founders, Entrepreneurs and Executives. This translates to:

  • 2x > Depression & Suicidal thoughts

  • 3x > Substance abuse

  • 6x > Attention Deficit

  • 10x > Bi-Polar Disorder

When those leading the business are in distress the business is in distress. This increased risk and chaos impact overall business performance and organizational health.


Organizational health is the best indicator for long-term business performance.

The foundation of the ecosystem includes mental wellness and mental health tools and resources to ensure you're not alone. It is a new way of doing business.

Sources: Dr. Michael Freeman - University of California Berkeley & San Francisco. American Psychological Association January 2022 Burnout & Stress.

The Global Collective is a strengths-based business ecosystem that enables both Men and Women to thrive.

What do they get?


Both get greater access to a mutually collaborative environment empowering investment and opportunity to explore  investment in new and innovative products, services, and business opportunities.


Mutual gender learnings of what each does well in business. This also includes tools & resources for the financial & emotional journey foundational to business scale and exponential success.


Lead the way transforming how business is done. It will impact your prior investments!  Products, services, education, business tools & resources, and community support. Includes coaching & mental wellness.

How does it work?


The opportunity speaks for itself


Capital raised and uninvested globally


Available in UK & US to invest in Women-owned businesses


Women-owned businesses started daily in the US & UK



Seize the opportunity

Sources: McKinsey Private Annual Market Review 2022. State of Women-Owned Businesses Report 2018.

Take the next step.


Whether you're interested in investing in The Global Collective or other Women-owned businesses, take action now!


We love collaborations!

Let's talk about how we can create a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Women in Business.

Ready to amplify you, your business and do business in a way you've never done before?

Ready to revolutionise business?



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