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The Global Collective

 A strengths based business ecosystem for Women-owned businesses and Male-led investment firms. The Global Collective marries the core strengths of both genders

from Idea to Exit, unlocking a revolutionary way to do business.

Our Founders Story

For most of my life, I felt like I had no voice, was forced to fit into a box doing business and life the way others told me was the best way to do business (and life).

When you grow up as a daughter to two small business owners, marry and divorce a generational business owner and spend 26 years in the corporate world you learn and understand how business is deeply personal. 

Stacy Kehren Idema

Countless times my voice was quieted. My willingness to speak openly about the deeply personal in business triggered discomfort in others.


But, my unique perspective and personal approach to business was welcomed in small rooms and limited audiences with some of the most senior executives. They understood the stress business and personal was interwoven more than most will admit.

Through this experience, I learned my voice was my strength while helping others feel heard, seen, and safe in the most ambiguous, high pressured situations and constant business commotion.

And it took me a long time to understand the power of my strengths.

In 2008, 15 years into my corporate career, I hired an executive coach because I thought I should be further along working 60 hour weeks and raising a family alone.

I was exhausted. Still forcing myself to do things in a way that didn’t feel like me, while fearing that I would fail my family and career.

My world upside down because:  

  • 90% of the success I claimed was attached to what others believed were my strengths

  • I was doing everything everyone told me to do to fit in

  • Self sabotage and minimization of of myself was attached to others definition of success 

While I watched other women live out these exact same patterns through perfectionism and self-sabotage those countless closed-door meetings with male executives also shed light on the same stressors. Men expressed the pain they felt with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They feared failing their businesses and families.

I knew there had to be a better way to do business. 


In 2021, following my deep desire to finally do business differently, I found a new way. ​That new way is The Global Collective.

​​We bring together the strengths of what women and men do well in business.

Empowering women to rise up in their businesses, earn more, invest more and help grow the economy while giving Men the opportunity to learn what Women do well in business, invest differently, and earn more on their investments.

Bridging the gender equity gap involves both Men and Women in a new way of doing business, revolutionising it!


I know I wouldn't be here today without the male and female influences in my life. It would be an honour to have you with me and my team.  

It IS possible and we can do business better together.

SStacy Idema - Signature.png

Founder & CEO

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Our Vision

Empower gender diversity in venture capital.

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Our Mission

Revolutionising how investment companies invest in Female-founded/led businesses.

We eliminate the diversity gap, whilst changing gender perceptions by connecting the unique strengths of each gender, which will also increase the financial benefit and mental well-being in business.

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Our Values


We openly challenge the status quo in the spirit of enhanced and improved outcomes. 


We embrace innovation as a way of working in everything we do and how we approach working with everyone who embarks on this mission with us.

We stand by our mission and never settle for anything less until we eliminate the diversity gap in Venture Capital.


We are comfortable with difficult conversations because we feel that's how you build long-standing trust that is foundational to a mutually beneficial working relationship.



We believe the power of diversity enables businesses to thrive by embracing and promoting people to think and act differently.

Diversity empowers inclusion. When we include the unique strengths of the individual, it creates the ebb and flow to the structure of our business.

Meet the Team

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