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Ready to invest in Female-founded and led businesses differently?

You want to diversify your portfolio but what you're been doing hasn't worked so far.

The political correctness rhetoric around gender equality has strung up a thick fog: so opaque that it´s not quite clear which way is up and which way is down anymore.


What if you had an ally by your side, empowering you to proceed without judgement or guilt into a space that for so long forced you to walk on vernacular eggshells?


I know this work will be uncomfortable, but I guarantee: once you´re out, you won´t look back. Harnessing the unbridled input of the world´s 4 billion women will be to your competitive advantage in a cut-throat market.

Together, we co-create an actionable achievable plan with someone who has been on the inside may be your lever to level up is the secret sauce to investing in female founded-led busiensses.

About Me.

Hi, I´m Stacy.


What I bring to the table is unique:

I have both an innate and learned understanding of how women think and feel, as well as their distinct needs, that differ from those of men. I am an expert in building businesses and leveraging mindset. 

In communication with women, I know how to keep respect paramount. I promise, co-working with me won´t just help secure new promising investment, but will also ensure your current investments are running at their full potential. 

Check out my credentials and then let's talk.

  • Global cross-cultural leader with experience leading teams of 300+ people and annual 8-figure programs in high-stakes environments

  • Masters (M.A.) Certificate in Positive Psychology

  • BA in Marketing Management

  • AA in Accounting

  • Trained in Human Centred Design

  • Trained in Lean Model Canvas

From Fortune 7 to 40-person start-ups, I’ve partnered with thousands of entrepreneurs, chief executives, medical professional innovators, licensed and certified financial advisors, legal and compliance experts and academic professionals around the globe to deliver new and innovative products, services, and solutions in multiple industries for more than 26 years

Speaker and Media personality

  • International Founder and Entrepreneur of a Women-owned and led Early Tech Start-up and Management Consulting company

  • Founder of Stacy Idema LLC, an EQ and strengths-based business coaching business, where I create and leverage my SPEAK methodology

  • Emotional Intelligence Certified EQ 2.0®

  • Project Management Professional® (PMP)

Are you an investor or    c-suite who…

Wants to invest in women but states, "What do I know, I'm just a white dude, guy doing his thing..."

TRANSLATION: You minimize the work you do and believe there isn’t anymore you can do because you’re 'just a guy.'


Claims to not see gender?

TRANSLATION: You don´t see yourself as contributing to the barriers that women face, yet still refuse to actively seek out women. 

Misunderstands female business owners?

TRANSLATION: You want to speak the same language. Right now, you´re talking past each other. 


Whether you an individual, a team, or interested in a bespoke service, I'm here to help.

No BS Power Hours

A 4 hour 1:1 no BS, work session. You will leave with an analysis, engagement framework and a new confidence to your approach; along with the resources and opportunities available to investing in female founded-led businesses.

Team Transformation

A 16-week hybrid 1:1 and team program designed to amplify your understanding of the female entrepreneur, the differentiators and how to integrate into your business/portfolio. You and your team will walk away with: 12-Month transformation strategy, tactics and deep dive into themes that align with Competitive Advantage, your Mission, Vision, Values and Thesis, KPIs and Long-Term Sustainability.


I love exploring bespoke opportunities for the individual or team that requires a different level of support.

Minimum team size and/or programme duration required.

Let's chat to see if this partnership would be mutually beneficial.

It’s not my job to convince you that investing in women will make you more money, the stats already prove it. It’s my job to be a no-bullshit guide as to how women do business differently, and what they unequivocally bring to the table. I get you on the map and help you identify the best and easiest actionable changes to make in your business that not only find and secure high calibre women but also provide the support to keep them around for the long run.

Let's get to know each other, first.

I believe in long-term partnerships, so let's get on a call and determine whether we are a good fit and can be productive together. This is something you simply cannot predict on paper and a call or in-person meet (local London, UK only) is a great way to start.

If we decide it would be a good fit and you say 'Yes,' the work begins immediately!

I also value my time and respect yours, so if you're feeling out the corners of this reality or need to confirm I'm "real," check out LinkedIn or a recent podcast. I'm not shy.

The Press Section on the website has the recent podcast links, articles and news, if that's your jam.

The work begins as soon as you say 'Yes'

Will you be a leader or a follower?

Let's pave a new business path and leave a trail, together!


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Ready to revolutionise your business?



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