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From VC Challenges to Community Connections

woman standing strong and empowered
Stacy Kehren Idema

In this episode, we're excited to introduce you to Stacy Idema, the visionary founder of The Global Collective. 🌎💼

Stacy's mission? Nothing short of groundbreaking – closing the gender gap in the realm of fundraising. Join us as we challenge her on her strategies and plans to revolutionise the landscape.

🎙️ Discover the fascinating transition from venture capital to family offices. Why the pivot? Stacy's candid insights reveal that venture capitalists can be a tough nut to crack, leading her to forge new connections and explore innovative avenues.

🌟 Wasting time on worry? Not in Stacy's playbook! Tune in to explore her journey of community involvement and the power of social media-friendly networks. It's all about sharing, learning, and uplifting one another.

🏦 Curious about the art of engaging with family offices? Stacy spills the beans on her secret: curiosity and relatable metaphors. She shares her wisdom on building trust and nurturing relationships that resonate.

🤝 Selective partnerships – a game changer or a challenge? Stacy's candid insights delve into the pros and cons of her approach. Discover how she's identifying those genuinely committed to change and separating them from mere checkboxes.

🎧 And it doesn't stop there! Get ready for Stacy's unique relaxation techniques that blend dreams, realities, and mindful breathing. Whether you're navigating challenges or seeking inspiration, these moments are bound to resonate.


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